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2009  A.B.A. Semi - Annual  Super Grand Champion   of Show by Dan Jerome
Hello and thank you to first time visitors to my website. I am a Grand Master breeder of exhibition poultry specializing in White Wyandotte bantams which I started raising over 44 years ago. I also breed and raise show quality White Call ducks. The love of poultry has been a lifelong passion of mine since I was a small boy feeding my Italian grandmothers chickens for the first time. I have been a lifetime member of the American Bantam Association in which I also serve as a 3rd term elected Director of District 14 serving the fine residents in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho,and Wyoming. I am also District 9 Director of the National Call Duck Breeders of America.  As well I am a lifetime member of the American Poultry Association and the Washington Feather Fanciers in which I currently serve as a 2nd term President.

Most importantly though I have had a lifelong passion for poultry and may be able to assist you because I have access to the best lines of poultry, waterfowl, gamebirds, and cage birds from most of the best breeders in the Nation.

Please feel free to contact me at 425-830-1456 or 253-841-1719, The best way to contact me is  email  danieljerome11@hotmail.com for information and availability of  eggs, chicks, ducklings and adult birds. I love helping people get started in this wonderful hobby or helping existing breeders improve the quality of their flocks

NPIP FLOCK # 91-134

                                                     Website updated 02-17-20-2013


Here are some pictures of my poultry as well as pictures of a few of the other birds I have access to from friends in the Fancy:

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